The Introduction

Watts Energy was established in 2011 as a Non-Refining Wholesaler in the South African market. The company has a successful track record of supplying management services and petroleum to the fuel industry in South Africa.

The company’s management’s collective experience of over 22 years in the industry enables it to grow organically through client orientated focus and efficacy as a petroleum company of preference.

At Watts Energy we are committed to always deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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The Commitment

  • To always operate with integrity and transparency.
  • Building relationships to achieve a common goal.
  • Establishing a service culture and a family ethos through staff and clients.
  • To always operate in a safe and responsible way.
  • Continuously expand our network and always to remain price relevant.

The Guarantee

At Watts Energy, we guarantee quality of product in terms of the South African National Standard 342, for all products collected through Engen, BP, Masana, Burgan, Shell, Total SA, PetroSA and Sasol. GIT and Product Insurance covers all other risk associated with integrity of the product.

Watts Energy has a Wholesale license as required by the Department of Energy and complies with all the legislative requirements as laid down by the relative authorities as well as with the objectives of the Petroleum Products Amendment Act, Act no. 58 of 2003 in terms of Section 2A (2)(B).

Who we are

We strive to have positive working relationships with our clients.

Collectively, the team at Watts Energy are well versed in all aspects of the petroleum business with exceptional levels of expertise in this market. It is this experience coupled with the core competencies of operations, financial and general management as well as a great understanding of our customer base that truly sets us aside from our competitors.

In addition to this, our introduction of financial structures through the transfer of risk and thus continually providing positive cash-flows, enables us to pursue the growth model both dynamically and organically.

Within a competitive industry, we are proud to deliver exceptional service and build a strong presence throughout the wholesale market in South Africa.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles which dictate our behavior at Watts Energy. These values form part of our DNA.

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    Integrity – We always do the right thing
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    Balance – Vital for our business and our people
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    Commitment – We keep our promises
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    Customer Focus – Customer service trumps everything
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    Honesty – Well, it is the best policy


We always do the right thing


Vital for our business and our people


We keep our promises

Customer Focus

Customer service trumps everything


Well, it is the best policy

“Our goal is simple,
to ensure client satisfaction”

Our Team

Our dynamic team is composed of highly trained and experienced people, who help achieve our goals in delivering an optimum and first-class service to our clients.

Co-founder, Vaughn Watts, provides solid leadership to the team and steers the business in terms of our long-term strategic goal.  Vaughn has cultivated a client-orientated culture within the team.  Vaughn’s industry specific experience in the Petroleum Industry together with a hands-on approach and solution orientated mind set, is a winning formula.

The team behind Watts Energy are diverse and all contribute to productive collaboration.  This is achieved by aligning our people and understanding our purpose.

The Watts Energy team is building a business and future that we are proud of.

Service Offering

Continuity of supply is the key which enables Watts Energy to expand its product offering in the marketplace without being hamstrung with constant product shortages. To this end, the Company has spread its supply amongst all the oil majors in South Africa, namely Engen, BP, Masana, Burgan, Shell, Total SA, PetroSA and Sasol.

Watts Energy’s service offering include:

Bulk supply of products on a national basis with contracts with all the oil majors mentioned above.

The products include:

  • Diesel 10pp
  • Diesel 50ppm
  • Diesel 500ppm
  • Petrol ULP 95 & 93
  • Illuminating Paraffin

Own Fleet

As part of our offering, Watts Energy runs its own fleet of tankers to ensure high levels of service We proud ourselves of our successful safety track record.  Our fleet follows strict Health and Safety measures to meet and maintain our high standards.

Contact Information


Watts Energy have offices in Gauteng, situated at 36, 6th Street, Parkhurst, Randburg.


+27 11 326 2368


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